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    1. EIDI-Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Workbook
    2. Diversity Pocket Guide

    EIDI-Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Workbook EIDI-Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Workbook
    # Four-part training in the core competencies of EID for employees at every level of the organization # Four individual workbooks that reinforce new EID skills and behaviors and lead to increased accountability # An assessment of participants? emotional intelligence and an ability to deal with differences # Individual coaching for continuous growth and learning # A Train-the-Trainer process # Leadership Training that builds emotionally intelligent and diverse organizations and teams # Strategic planning retreats and facilitation for top executives committed to fostering an emotionally intelligent and diverse culture # Management Training that builds a high performing, inclusive culture
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    Global & US Diversity Games Global & US Diversity Games
    The US Diversity Game and the Global Diversity Game are successful, highly interactive training tools that use a game board (or quiz) format to explore facts about diversity (in the US and globally) that cover Demographics, Jobs, Legislation and Society as well as how to effectively manage in a multicultural workplace. You can benefit from having a version of the US and/or Global Diversity Game that is directly customized to your organization\'s diversity needs. For large scale meetings, we can also harness the Interactive Audience Response System technology to provide immediate, quantitative feedback from your participants. Common uses of the Global and US Diversity Games: * effective icebreakers * awareness-raising instructional programs * development of global management skills * attention grabbing cross-cultural training programs Within each category (Demographics, Jobs, Legislation and Society), and for each game version,there are 24 recently updated question cards. In addition, in both versions, there are 40 Test / Situational cards that provide practical insights to managing diversity. Significant discounts available for the purchase of both the US & Global games. Please e-mail or call for details.
    Published: January 20, 2001
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