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    Diversity During the Recession (Part 6): Alaska Airline's diversity initiative takes flight in spite of recession
    By Barbara Deane, Janna Charles
    This article is sixth in a series exploring the status of diversity and inclusion efforts during the recession with interviews of both internals and externals.

    "Respecting and appreciating our differences is fundamental to being a world-class organization. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives lead to a better understanding of each other, inspire good ideas, and strengthen competitiveness...Diverse and inclusive groups promote progress; lack of diversity often means standing still or going backward."

    This statement, made by Bill Ayer, Chairman and CEO of Alaska Air Group, captures the deep-seated investment Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are making towards building a diverse and inclusive company.
    Department: Tips and Techniques
    Word count: 1983
    Diversity Central Article Published: July 2010
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