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The idea of a local diversity education series for the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area (also known as the Puget Sound Region of Washington State) took shape in 1997. 

Barbara Deane editor, and Carlos Gil, publisher of Cultural Diversity at Work, one of the first international journals on workplace diversity, and Susan Funk of The Diversity Difference, a consulting and research firm in Seattle, were the founders.

Barbara, as editor of Cultural Diversity at Work journal and had been writing about diversity in the workplace for 10 years before launching the NW Series.

Carlos, publisher of the journal, was also a professor of History at the University of Washington where he taught Latin American History as well as Chicano (Mexican-American) History.

Carlos and Barbara had also been working with agencies of the U.S. Government assisting their foreign services officers in working more effectively with their Latin American counterparts.

Susan came out of a corporate background to focus on diversity consulting and research. She was passionate about diversity efforts becoming more strategic with a long-term focus. Susan went on to form a professional diversity network for diversity leaders in technology companies.

The three of us conceived of the idea of a local diversity education model and launched it in Seattle in 1997 and 1998. 

Note: Cultural Diversity at Work was published by The GilDeane Group, Inc., as a hard copy journal from 1988 to 2000. In March of 2000, it became an online publication. It now exists as Cultural Diversity at Work Archive available on DiversityCentral.com, also published by The GilDeane Group, Inc.  The online article Archive contains more than 1400 articles on diversity and cultural differences in a work environment. It is considered one of the most comprehensive and reliable resources for companies and organizations around the world. 


The Diversity Learning Series – Bay Area is currently forming in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find out how your company can sponsor and participate.


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"The NW Diversity Learning Series has played an important part in our diversity and inclusion strategy of engaging business leaders in the effort. It?s created and expanded their awareness of both the issues and business impacts of diversity and inclusion; connected them to diversity and inclusion thought leaders; and provided them the opportunity to network with other organizations? leaders and HR professionals who share the same diversity and inclusion challenges. The result is a diversity and inclusion initiative that is more widely championed by the business leaders and therefore more likely to reach and influence a broader group of people(employees, customers, business partners)."

—Michelle Clements
Sr. VP of Human Resources
Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

"The Northwest Diversity Learning Series is a model of inclusion and collaboration. Nowhere in the country do major corporations come together to plan joint diversity education and learning as we do in the northwest. The Series is a "best practice" that should be duplicatedin other parts of the country.

Building inclusive leaders is a growing imperative as companies, governments, NGOs and communities seek progressive ways to collaborate and solve societal problems at the local, national and international levels. I am convinced that efforts to solve these issues will require the type of inclusive mindset that the Learning Series helps to create and sustain.

Barbara Deane has been a champion and leader in these efforts for years, and I laud her desire to expand the series to other communitiesaround the country."

—Effenus Henderson
Chief Diversity Officer
Weyerhaeuser Company

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