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About Us

Who could companies and organizations call about a diversity or culturally related question in the 1990s and 2000s? More often than not, it was Cultural Diversity at Work journal.

Cultural Diversity at Work (originally named Training & Cultural Newsletter) was founded in 1988 by Barbara Deane and Carlos Gil, principals of The GilDeane Group, Inc., a publishing, consulting and training firm based in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. 

Focusing on the publication, we envisioned it as a forum where Americans could discuss our ethnic, racial and cultural challenges AND THEREIN THE OPPORTUNITIES, especially in the workplace, and that such a discussion would be beneficial.

Little did we expect that people around the world were hungry for such a discourse. Cultural Diversity at Work emerged at the brink of a new era where the differences of individuals and groups began to be considered important. This consideration became known as Diversity, now Diversity and Inclusion (in the U.S.).

Here's what happened to us:

The momentum around diversity and cultural differences grew inside of companies and organizations as well as in the broader society during the 1980s and 1990s. After 12 years, Cultural Diversity at Work newsletter evolved from a hard copy publication to an online one.

At the same time, we launched in 2000, with the goal of creating a central location where people in workplaces could find a wide array of information about diversity and cultural differences, and how these differences affected their relationships and their productivity.

Soon, however, the need for a database to make our large amount of content accessible to the needs of a growing audience became clear.

We built the Cultural Diversity at Work Archive

By 2003, our large treasure trove of content was online where everyone could access all kinds of diversity and cultural information.

Today, in 2012,, with its people-centered design and a structural overhaul, exists as a business center for diversity management, building inclusive organizational cultures, creating high-performing diverse teams, and developing individual competencies for a diverse world — we call it “cultural intelligence.”
The backbone of is the Cultural Diversity at Work Archive, an extraordinary database of articles, tools, and resources to support the people who create fair and respectful workplaces so that productive and innovative workforces deliver competitive advantage. 

People all over the world consult the almost 1500 articles, tools, and resources in the Archive.

Users will enjoy and appreciate the entirely new back-end technology that now makes searching the Archive much more powerful and user friendly.

We invite you to rediscover and the Cultural Diversity at Work Archive and reignite your quest for being informed and effective in a diverse, multicultural business world.

Read more about our Vision and Mission and History.

Customer Testimonials about Cultural Diversity at Work Archive

"For well over twenty years now DiversityCentral—a true pioneering organization in the field of Diversity & Inclusion--has been a central source of credible and substantive information for me. The GilDeane Group [the publisher] understands its audience, is on top of current issues and provides forward-thinking leadership. If you need information, you can find it here. If they don’t have it—they will help you find it. I highly recommend DiversityCentral."

-- Michael Wheeler, Associate Director,
Diversity, OmnicomMediaGroup