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Diversity Toolkit for Leaders and Managers

This web-based toolkit on diversity and inclusion is designed for:

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone who has direct reports.
  • It offers specific actions that individual leaders and managers can take to improve their work environment by addressing diversity and inclusion issues.

    This web-based toolkit is offered free of charge to anyone.

    If you prefer to have a PDF file of the Leaders’ Toolkit, we have it available in our Diversity Store for $20.00. Click here.

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    About the Leaders' Toolkit on Diversity and Inclusion is now the official owner and distributor of the Leaders' Toolkit on Diversity.© Copyright The GilDeane Group, Inc., 2016. All Rights Reserved. For information, please contact The GilDeane Group, Phone 206-362-0336, Email:

    Web-based Leaders' Toolkit was originally developed by Technology Workforce Partners, a consortium of high technology companies that worked collaboratively on diversity issues in the workplace from 1995-2005.

    This toolkit is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace legal, compliance, or other professional advice. assumes no liability for the use of this toolkit.