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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a business center for practicing effective diversity management and developing "cultural intelligence."

What is diversity management?

Diversity simply exists —it refers to the qualities, worldviews, experiences and backgrounds that every person has. Diversity provides the threads that make up the multicultural social fabric of our workplaces, our society, and our world. Diversity management instructs us how to perceive diversity, relate to it, include it, leverage it —diversity management is entirely up to us. Being effective at it requires awareness, knowledge, abilities and skills, what we call "cultural intelligence".

What is cultural intelligence?

Cultural intelligence is the vital competency for effective diversity management in the 21st century. This essential competency is required for building relationships and getting things done with diverse, multicultural employees, customers, colleagues, counterparts, and business partners, whether domestically or globally. Read more about this important competency and what it means for you and your organization.

What kinds of resources are on

Explore all of our departments in the Tools & Resources dropdown menu:

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Press Releases

How often do you publish new content?

We publish new content monthly in our new Tools & Resources Section. After 30 days, this content moves into the Cultural Diversity at Work Archive, our online searchable database. You may access the Archive and easily download any tools and resources through a Content License. Or, you may access the Archive through our Diversity Store, paying a small fee for each article or tool you download.  Anyone may search the Archive free of charge through the Diversity Store.

What's new in the newly redesigned

New logo
New graphics
New navigation
New departments: Competencies, Leadership, Multicultural Society, Resources
Expanded departments: Global Diversity
New Careers center:
All new database technology for the Cultural Diversity at Work Archive Coming soon: New Diversity Store

How can I advertise on

How can I have my product sold in DiversityCentral's Diversity Store?

We are very interested in adding diversity, inclusion and cultural products to our Store. Please send us information about your product. We will contact you to follow up and explain how the Store works.

What is the Cultural Diversity at Work Archive?

Cultural Diversity at Work (CDW) Archive is an extraordinary resource for increasing cultural intelligence—on the part of individuals, teams, and organizations. It is an online database of articles, tools and resources on diversity, inclusion and cultural differences. The Archive constantly expands with new content published monthly on

Cultural Diversity at Work began as a hard copy journal in October, 1988. It was the first nationally recognized publication on workforce diversity and cultural differences in the United States. It immediately became an acclaimed publication internationally. Today, it is consulted by people in organizations, governments and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. Read more about us.

How can I use the CDW Archive to promote Diversity and Inclusion in my organization?

One of the best ways is to purchase an Organizational Content License that provides wide use of the content of the entire Archive inside your organization. The resources in the Archive, now almost 1500, offer an excellent way to build "cultural intelligence." Read more.

What is an Organizational Content License?

A Content License (also referred to as a Site License) for an organization allows wide use of all the content in the Archive INSIDE the organization. You can put a copy of an article or resource on the company's Intranet. You can pull out copy and place it in an electronic newsletter. You can email an article to a management or leadership team to read. You can download articles and make as many copies as you wish. All the types of uses are outlined in the Organizational Content License Agreement which a responsible official in your organization signs.

How do we get access to the CDW Archive?

Once your organization has purchased the Organizational Content License, we will immediately set up your login information and send it to the primary contact person.

How many people in our organization can we give access to the Archive?

That's your decision, as many people as you want to give the login information to.

What are some of the resources in the Archive?

Loaded with best practices and innovative approaches, you can find articles and tools on any topic concerning diversity, inclusion and cultural differences.

Search for articles concerning all four levels of Diversity and Inclusion change: organizational, team or group, individual and external.

1. For organizational: search for diversity management, measurement, organizational audits, organizational change, employee networks, diversity councils, accountability and diversity leadership competencies.
2. For team or group:  search for conflict resolution, team decision-making, and partnering.
3. For individual: search for awareness, intercultural communication, communication skills, and competencies.
4. For external: search for multicultural marketing, customer service, and multicultural customers. As a Content Licensee, you gain access to a whole list of pre-tested Recommended Searches.

What is the format for the articles, tools and resources in the Archive?

Each of the articles in the Archive has been professionally formatted so that it is appealing and is easy to read. All the articles are available as pdf files, which makes their designs stable and easy to download.

What are the benefits of having an Organizational Content License to the CDW Archive?

A Content License for Organizations encourages every employee, manager and leader to learn about diversity and inclusion and apply the lessons that found in the articles, tools and resources.

Nearly 1,500 articles, tools and resources can be quickly and easily accessed with your private login.

A login account provides exclusive 24-hour access to the information your leaders, managers and employees need –whenever they need it.

A Content License for Organizations is particularly helpful in developing the necessary competencies for Diversity Councils, Employee Resource Groups, and Affinity Groups.

Best practices, strategies and tactics resources are easy-to-read and quick and easy to access.

Ready-to-use tools help educate and develop the inclusion competencies for leaders, managers and employees.

Articles and resources are professionally edited and formatted and easy to download.

Regular alerts via e-mail keep selected users up to date with new content, new resources, monthly multicultural calendar, and special announcements.

How do I renew our Organizational Content License?

1. Download the Site License agreement for new or renewal site licenses.
2. Fill out and sign (best to sign electronically).
3. Submit the document online via Contact Us
4. Our office will contact you to arrange payment, and set up your login.

What are other Content License options do you have for accessing the CDW Archive?

In addition to the Organizational Content License, we also have Content Licenses for Individuals and for Group.

Individuals and Groups purchase their Content Licenses online with a credit card and immediately get their login information

How many group members can we have with a Group Content License?

Up to 15 group members. 

How can I add to or delete a group member from an existing Group License?

Go to the Group Content License sign-up page.

Can you access the CDW Archive without a Content License?

Yes, you can access the CDW Archive through our Diversity Store. You may search the Archive for free, and if you wish to buy an article, tool or resource, you pay a small fee for each item you download. Having a Content License, however, makes use of the Archive so much easier —you have quick, easy access with your secure login and can download as many articles, tools and resources as you want, at anytime you want. No shopping cart, no payment information, no hassle!

What are government and non-profit license rates?

Contact us or Call (206-362-0336) for government and non-profit rates.

What are the permitted uses of CDW Archive for Individuals and Groups?

For both Individual and Group Content Licenses, use is limited to individual use. No copying for distribution or republishing is allowed.

Are the URLs for the articles in CDW Archive stable? Can you link directly to the article?

Yes, the URLs in the Archive are stable. You can link directly to the article.

How do I renew my Individual or Group Content License?

It's easy! Just fill out the renewal form. Click here.


For more information, contact:

Barbara Deane, Editor-in-Chief
By phone: 206-362-0336
Or contact her through our Contact Us page.