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Do you have a Diversity Champion in your organization that should be in the spotlight? is accepting nominations for people who exemplify Diversity Champions. This person may be a CEO, a VP, a manager, a supervisor, an employee, a community liaison, a diversity council member, a mentor, a tutor, etc. In other words, diversity leaders can be found at every level of the organization and how they champion diversity may vary considerably. The editors of will select one winner a month from the list of nominees. If a person is nominated, but not selected the first time, their name will remain on the list for the following month. The winner will be featured in our Diversity Champion profile spot on the front page of We will contact you to request a photo and any additional information you can give us about this person's champion example. The winner will also receive a printed certificate from in recognition of being selected as the Diversity Champion of the Month.

If you would like to submit a nominee for the Diversity Champion profile, fill out this form submit your nomination.

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