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October 2016

"You have, however, opened my eyes to the realization that I need to start living my own life with others more in mind. I too often forget or get complacent in life, walking with blinders on to my own issues and problems and forget to keep others in mind. I need to make sure to pass this understanding on to my kids as well."

- Brian, The Oregonian, October 2, 2016

This statement was written by Brian, whose 7-year-old son pointed to another little boy with dwarfism using a term considered offensive, after which Brian and his wife laughed. The mother of the boy with dwarfism, Lisa Lofquist, upset at the parents for their disregard for her son and for setting a poor example of respecting others for their children, wrote an opinion piece for her local paper, The Oregonian. She described the incident, explaining her feelings and her son’s situation, in an attempt to educate others. In an unexpected turn of events, Brian, the father, saw Lisa’s opinion piece in the paper, and responded with his own piece, accepting responsibility, apologizing to Lisa, her son and her family.

The following links are Lisa’s and Brian’s opinion pieces in The Oregonian:


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