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New prediction: U.S. to become "multicultural majority nation" in August 2014

The United States of America will soon reach a tipping point where it passes the 50% mark in its multicultural mix. The time and date are set: on August 22, 2014 at 7:56 pm EDT, the U.S. will become a "multicultural majority nation".

Existing projections for a multicultural America, using only individual race and Hispanic origin status, put the minority-majority tipping point at 2043.

This new 2014 tipping point was calculated by EthniFacts using the Interethnic Proximity Index (IPI), a proprietary algorithm that takes into account multiracial populations, intermarried couples, mixed households, and residence location among other factors to provide a truer indicator of multicultural influence in American society and New Mainstream consumer markets.

You can see the clock ticking on the website, America Reimagined that was launched June 3. The website heralds the change:

"WELCOME TO NOW! Change has come to America and with it, challenges and opportunities. The unprecedented demographic and social shifts that are reshaping the country have far-reaching implications for the future vitality and endurance of American values, the national culture, consumerism, and civic participation. 

"EthniFacts has embarked on a comprehensive, statistically-grounded examination of the core components of multicultural consumerism and civic and social engagement in the United States and is building a predictive model of future scenarios."

In addition to the U.S. Countdown clock, the America Reimagined also features clocks showing the next state (South Carolina) and next metro area (Seattle/Tacoma) projected to cross the multicultural tipping point, August 1st and July 19th, respectively.

“The U.S. is at a point of transformative demographic change and it’s clear that census projections only tell part of the story,” said EthniFacts CEO Mike Lakusta. “Factoring in intermarriage and the steep growth of multiracial and interethnic households, along with the growing percentage of non-Hispanic whites who are related to and/or cohabitate with people of other races and ethnicities, in addition to close proximity neighborhoods, is a much more accurate way to measure the true breadth and depth of the nation's economic, cultural and social shift."

The America Reimagined website also features a map of all U.S. States comparing the IPI Index to the U.S. Census multicultural percentages, and eye-opening EthniFacts Insight reports on the demographic imperative for multicultural civic and social engagement, the substantial diversity of the white population, evolving ethnic identities, and other cultural and consumer-oriented research.

America Reimagined was launched in conjunction with Latino USA’s “Heartland” report on National Public Radio (NPR), which included an in-depth conversation about the social and cultural implications of the CulturEdge Countdown Clock between Latino USA Host Maria Hinojosa and Guy Garcia, President of New Mainstream Initiatives for EthniFacts.

On the program, which first aired on NPR stations on June 6th, Garcia and Hinojosa explore the issues facing an increasingly multicultural society and how immigrants and others are invigorating and reimagining the American Dream.

"The future of America is a lot closer and clearer," said Garcia. "Maria Hinojosa and Latino USA are the perfect partners to help us spread the word about America Reimagined, not just because of the historic nature of what the CulturEdge Countdown Clock says about the rising influence and empowerment of Latinos and other multicultural groups, but also because of our shared perspective that the numbers count, and that accelerating demographic and cultural change in this country brings challenges and opportunities for all Americans. The time has come for us to re-imagine who we are as a nation and how we can move forward together."

ETHNIFACTS is a knowledge and insights consultancy with a comprehensive perspective on evolving consumer culture and civic and social engagement in the new multicultural America. By combining next-generation quantitative and qualitative statistical methods with ground-breaking, culturally-acute concepts, EthniFacts delivers best-practice custom research and market insights while developing new areas of behavior forecasting and synthetic data modeling. It is based in Texas, New York and Washington, D.C.

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