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Need additional staff to carry out projects for your diversity initiatives? We offer an array of services to assist you.

Website Accessibility Assessments

Assessments address accessibility for colorblindness, sight-impaired, hearing impaired.

Writing & copyediting 

Publish and present high-quality content; draw on our years of experience. 

--Developing content for Diversity web pages
--Effective communications for diverse audiences
--Articles about your organization's diversity, inclusion, and cultural efforts


Consistent and organized sourcing of diversity-related resources:

--Statistics and projections
--Diversity products, learning tools, assessment instruments
--Speakers, presenters, trainers on diversity and inclusion, and cultural differences topics 
--Reliable information sourcing

Develop and design visual presentations

Using a compact, creative approach, convert diversity, inclusion and cultural statistics and information into infographics, diagrams, booklets, posters, flyers or other visual formats using PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PDF and other file formats.

Training and development 

Develop instructional designs and deliver training for diversity and intercultural workshops and seminars.

Public speaking

--Carlos, Gil, Publisher of, speaks on the topic of Hispanic/Latino issues and immigration, and his new book, We Became Mexican American: How Our Immigrant Family Survived to Pursue the American Dream (September 2012)
-- Barbara Deane, Editor-in-Chief, speaks on the topics of diversity and inclusion, intercultural communication and negotiation. Sample topics: Why diversity? (the business case), Communicating across cultural differences, Global diversity—what does this mean?  Communicating respeto [respect] in the multicultural workplace. 

Pricing by project

Once we receive your scope of work or a description of your project, we can provide a cost estimate. Discounts are given to non-profit, government and educational institutions.

Examples of client projects:
Diversity Councils Best Practices Study, commissioned by Anheuser-Busch
Cultural Celebrations Research Study
Sourced speakers, people of color and women, on specific topics
Sourced online and e-learning training programs on sexual harassment and diversity                                                                 
Sourced diversity statistics for multicultural marketing project
Sourced diversity & inclusion consultants
Visual presentation of LGBT statistics across 10 countries
Visual presentation of DREAM Act beneficiaries
Developed, designed and delivered two 6-month blended learning international training programs involving 5 world regions
Developed, designed and delivered twelve  4- and 5-day training programs on intercultural communication and negotiation for Mexico and Latin America
Researched and wrote country briefs for global diversity project
Website development and design with a focus on accessibility

You can rely on our more than 20 years experience working in the areas of diversity, inclusion and cultural differences.

If you need assistance with a diversity and inclusion, or cultural project, we can help!

You can reach us in two ways: Email us or call us: 206-362-0336.

Cultural Diversity at Work Archive — An Extraordinary Resource!

The Cultural Diversity at Work (CDW) Archive is an online database of almost 1,500 articles, tools and resources on diversity, inclusion and cultural differences. You can use the Archive to increase cultural intelligence—for individuals, teams, and organizations!  With cultural intelligence, you have a path toward inclusion! 

The Archive is loaded with best practices and innovative solutions.
Learn more about the Archive. Purchase a Content License for your organization.